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Kelantan Semakin Hanyut .... Serambi Mekah ? ? ?

Monday, April 1, 20133comments

Dibawah saya copypaste sebahagian lapuran yang dibuat oleh wartawan NST yang telah membuat tinjauan tentang KEHIDUPAN MALAM KELANTAN sepertimana yang tersiar di Kelantan after dark. Klik link jika mahu membaca lapuran sepenuhnya.

 Adakah ini hasil Tahaluf Siyasi Pas bersama Dap dan Pkr ? Kerana UNDI atau sememangnya Kelantan semakin HANYUT ....... ?

KELANTAN Pas’ carefully managed image of an Islamic state, free of vice, is nothing more than a sham.

In a three-day tour of several main districts, including the state capital Kota Baru, the New Straits Times’ Special Probes Team uncovered a thriving vice industry involving prostitution, drugs and illegal gambling.

- Within half an hour of reaching Kota Baru, the team was shown by a local fixer how to procure pil kuda, the locals' drug of choice. The transaction went off without a hitch, in broad daylight, and along one of the busiest roads in town. (See accompanying story and video.)

- Opening the door, the disco was packed to the rafters. It was almost like one of the countless, third-rate discos mushrooming in Selangor. Multicoloured-lights and the mind-numbing, pounding drone of techno music assaulted our senses. Ladyboys dressed in miniskirts and revealing tops came over to take our orders, almost invariably, they offered us beer.

- The team spent the rest of the night bar-hopping. Tucked away in some faraway corner of Tumpat, a 30-minute drive from Kota Baru, kilometres from civilisation and surrounded by jungle, was a sundry shop with huge wire-mesh doors, a small beat-up table, stacks of eggs and other provisions on one side, a cooler on the other. A small alleyway leads out to the back section where round tables dot the garden and where liquor is served by scantily clad waitresses.

If you're looking for more than drinks, a quick chat with the proprietor will get you a massage. Anything extra would depend on how smooth a talker you are and the thickness of your wallet.

- We got back in the car and headed for Tanjung Mas, where the team had heard about an open air karaoke joint that was popular among locals and was open until 5am. As we rounded the bend, we could hear the strains of a poorly executed goyang Inul made popular by Indonesian dangdut queen, Inul.

- The team also discovered the growing subculture of black metal and punk rock in a conservative state that already frowns upon traditional forms of entertainment including dikir barat.

- At 3am, as the team cruised along Jalan Limau Manis, we saw a tudung-wearing prostitute together with her ladyboy friend. Both approached our car and initial negotiations began. Keeping an eye on them were two minders positioned near a petrol station, including one stationed across the road in an overwatch position.

Dan seterusnya wawancara dengan pelacur muda yang mereka temui di Kota Baru ....

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April 1, 2013 at 11:29 AM

tudung wearing prostitute?
wahhhhh... ini betul betul serambi mekah.

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April 1, 2013 at 11:46 AM

Mungkin selepas ini PAS patut fikirkan untuk menukar gelaran "Serambi Mekah" kepada "Serambi Amsterdam" ataupun "Balkoni Thailand".


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April 1, 2013 at 6:25 PM

Pas boleh claim mereka super islam dr yg lain tp hakikat tetap ade depan mata.

Barangkali. Lepas ni ade org pas nk ckp zaman nabi dulu pn ade bende2 mcm ni kt madina mekah? Nauzubillah tp jgn terkejut dgn org2 yg dh sesat ni

Melayu hampa

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