Tasik Lugano - Tasik Bebas Cukai di Eropah. Jom Melancong !

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Tasik Lugano terletak disempadan antara Switzerland dan Italy dan merupakan antara destinasi pelancongan terkemuka di Eropah.

The majority of Lake Lugano is held by Switzerland, in an area where the lake comprises one of that country's most popular tourist attractions. The Italian water and the Campione d'Italia enclave are considered non-territorial and therefore enjoy duty free status and are exempt from the EU VAT tax. The residents of the area also enjoy several other attractive tax advantages

Pemandangan tasik yang indah, aktiviti air, berburu, cuacanya yang nyaman .... lepak2 ...........

Menariknya terdapat sebuah bandar, Campione yang secara geografinya terletak dalam wilayah Switzerland tapi merupakan sebahagian dari Italy yang terpisah.

Penduduk bandar ini menikmati kehidupan yang bebas dari belenggu cukai !

Campione's unique status creates some very unique opportunities. Switzerland does not as a rule grant residency to anyone who is not Swiss. Additionally, Swiss taxes are relatively high. In Campione, foreigners have no problem gaining residency. Campione, although part of Italy, has no personal income or municipal taxes. Nor is Campione subject to any of Switzerland’s agreements with the United States and Canada regarding income tax.

Namun kos kehidupan di Campione amat tinggi dimana nilai hartanahnya menyaingi Tokyo. Penduduknya rata2 merupakan orang2 kaya.

Foreigners can purchase real estate without restriction in Campione. Residency is a simple matter, especially when compared to Switzerland. Unfortunately, for most of us, Campione is the most expensive tax haven in the world. Real estate in Campione is almost on a par with Tokyo. It is a prosperous place filled with prosperous people, (as befits a lovely lakefront City that does not endure the heavy hand of government intervention into its business affairs.) Unless we are extremely wealthy we probably shouldn’t bother to consider Campione as a potential residence. If we feel we are wealthy enough, then we might consider visiting Campione and spending some time there.

Kewujudan sebuah kasino, Casino di Campione yang menyediakan pelbagai kemudahan dan hiburan bertaraf dunia menjadi punca pendapatan utama wilayah itu dan The revenue raised by the CasinĂ² di Campione are what provides the citizens of Campione with their municipal services; that is why they have no taxes.

Berbeza dengan kita di Malaysia, ungkapan bebas cukai selalunya memberi gambaran shopping giler ! tapi disana bebas cukai membawa maksud kehidupan yang bebas dari cukai kerajaan    we can earn a tax-free living in such places and still take advantage of the bargain real estate along with a higher income.

Siapa yang kaya raya, banyak duit melimpah ruah.... JOM MELANCONG KE TASIK LUGANO !

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PS - Artikel ni dalaaaaaaam bagi mereka yang tahu  :))

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